Search Optimization and Website Design for Small Businesses - MI

We make your small business large at rates affordable for the small business owner. Putting a website on the internet is easy, but getting on the first page of Google, and staying there, is more difficult. If you want your website to be found and to bring in business you must be one of the precious ten listings on the front page of Google. If you have a large budget, you can run pay per click ads to get prospects to your website. These ads are seen on the first page of Google (the 2 or 3 ads at the top of the page and the ads along the right side of the page). Running these ads can become a never ending cost to maintain traffic flow to your website. However, the 10 sites listed down the main part of the page are organic search results that cost nothing and get the most clicks. In order to become one of these top ten sites, your website must be extremely well optimized. This is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Racing Tortoise specializes in designing and optimizing websites to achieve strong search engines results. We only work with small business owners, helping them compete on the internet and bring in more business. We take an ethical, long-term approach when designing and optimizing a website, so that when you get to the first page you remain there and don't get penalized (banished) by Google for taking short cuts or cheating.


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