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The Future Of Mobile Is Here... Are You Ready For It?

Progressive Web Apps are becoming what the future holds in mobile marketing. They will be what mp3 files did to the music industry, and many believe they may eventually replace the app stores completely.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) take up far less space on the users phone, can be accessed thru a link, by a QR code or as part of a website. They are way easier to access and use. No downloading is required, and you can save the icon for the PWA to your home screen for easy future access just like a regular mobile app from the app stores.

PWA's are still developing and in 2019 should be able to do most everything regular mobile apps can do. Their big advantage is that they work across all platforms, Android, iOS, Windows and more, so they are less expensive to build and maintain.

Many large companies like Starbucks and Forbes are already implementing Progressive Web Apps into their marketing system along side of their traditional mobile apps for better customer service and to prepare for the future of mobile marketing as things transition.

All companies should start considering implementing a PWA, they are the future of mobile.

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